Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Antique Shopping Seating

The other day my boyfriend and I took a trip to Old Town Clovis for some antique shopping. I'm hoping this can become a regular blog topic since we love going to these shops.

The highlighted shops are some of our favorites!

112 is Rosenbury's. The shop owner has a whimsical eye and loves repurposing pieces. If you're lucky she'll have her adorable puppy there to say hi.

113 is the Antique Clovis Mall. Our favorite booths are the ones with all things Coca-Cola and the extensive collection of records you can find in their loft. I've found some amazing old photographs at this store. The Antique Clovis Mall is a great place to find an eclectic mix of trinkets.

117 is 5th Street Antiques. My favorite booth is directly off to the right of the store. The booth owner has so many great sewing pieces like lace and buttons. There are also some great furniture pieces in this shop.

For this particular blog entry I will discuss the seating I found on this trip and I'll jump into some more pieces next time.

This old folding chair is a great piece with all of the charm of use and age. You could either leave it as is or paint it a fresh coat of paint to really make it pop.

I love this outdoor chair. It reminds me of some chairs that my great aunt used to have at her house in the South Bay. The fan detail on the back of the chair is amazing.

I adore this chair. If anyone can tell me the origin or timeline of this piece I would love that. Because of its relative height and slim back it sort of reminds me of a chair for putting on boots.

I know I'm not alone in loving the idea of using old theater seats in the home. I could imagine these being a perfect piece in an entrance or mud room. Easily foldable to get out of the way, but great for holding backpacks for school or putting your shoes on before going out the door.

Another outdoor chair reminiscent of the other one I found on this trip with much more rust, but I honestly love the patina!

I love the idea of using these for a kitchen table. The day after we went shopping, I actually saw the exact same stools in Blaze Pizza down the street only in black.

Stay tuned for more pieces from my antique store outings!


Sunday, February 28, 2016

Puppy Love for Design

I fell in love with interior design during the "Do It Yourself" "Weekend Renovation" era. My first exposure to the industry was through the wonders of TLC and HGTV reality TV.

My first favorite was definitely Trading Spaces! The viewer was taken into the homes of two couples who would swap homes for the weekend and do whatever the crazy lunatic decorator had in mind whether that meant a bathroom covered in faux flowers or a bumblebee inspired dining room. About half of the time the home owners would return and have an absolute fit.

My next staple from this time was While You Were Out. A spouse would go away for the weekend and their significant other would seamlessly pull off a full room renovation in just two days. The most memorable design from this show? The strange Kama Sutra wall made out of naked Barbies for a master bedroom.

Needless to say, the strange designs and wacky designers were highly addictive, and honestly, I wished I were one of them.

But my favorite designer and biggest inspiration was always Candice Olson from Divine Design. She ran her own business, made beautiful renderings and generally seemed like the type of person I wanted to be some day in the industry.

I mean look how amazing these are! 

Now years later in my fourth year of college and a major change I have found myself back in the strange world of interior design. I am far removed from the days of Trading Spaces and While You Were Out and my view has been developed into a closer version of what the design world really is. First and most importantly, it takes a lot longer than a weekend to finish a well thought out, correctly executed design project. I know that being a reality TV star isn't what makes a great designer, but the determination and love for the field is.

Send me a message and let me know if you liked the blog.

Spring Pillows

This spring, liven up your living space with some new throw pillows! While you may be neglecting spring cleaning for just "one more day," try this simple way to bring in a new look without a full home makeover.

Do any of you remember looking through old botanical or bird books in your parent's or grandparent's home? These Potterybarn pillows remind me of just that. I love how these pillows manage to bring a fresh and nostalgic look all at once to any living space. The other thing I love about these pillows is that instead of using the usual springy pastel colors, we are seeing a turn away from this with bold punchy colors.

So I have to ask, how many of you have given in to the Elephant Pant Crazy? Well I have, so it's no surprise to see these East Indian inspired elephant print pillows at Potterybarn as a staple design this season. I love the Mendala and Elephant detailing on this pillow. Again, we see a shift from the usual pastel colors for spring, but now we're heading into a bright vibrant direction.

If you haven't already seen the amazing Mermaid Pillow with color changing sequins, you might get your fix with this gorgeous velvet pillow from One Kings Lane. I love the color contrast, but most of all I love the bold pattern of this pillow. Tribal Ikat pillows have been all the rage for over a year now and this is a wonderful way to update this trend.

This next pillow provides way more texture to your living space. Neutral grey and blues allow this pillow's look to remain sophisticated and fun without feeling too busy. This would liven up the simplest of couches without using the other punchy colors and patterns this season is offering. Ethan Allen provides subtle pops of character into all of their Spring pillows.

Lastly, Restoration Hardware is known for their neutral and sophisticated looks, which is exactly what this Cowhide Link pillow offers. Providing the same tactile sensations and patterns as the velvet pillow from One Kings Lane, this is a more subtle option.

No matter what your favorite design aesthetic is, this spring is sure to offer you a full array of throw pillow style choices to spark up your home design. If you have any questions or need suggests on what pillows might look best in your living space (ie. living room, bedroom, front entry) send me a message and I'll help you out.

Until next time!